Children's Ministry Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What if my child has a food allergy?
    We are completely Peanut Restricted in our Church Building. We have Parents/Guardians fill out a Health Form for all Children’s & Youth programming so that we can plan for your child’s allergies accordingly.
  2. How do you handle potty breaks?
    Our Toddler Nursery has a lower toilet in the nursery available for Students that are learning to use it. Preschool – Elementary Students have access to our lower level bathrooms and have monitored breaks to let them use those. Only Female Volunteers over the age of 18 are allowed to assist Students in the Restroom.
  3. Do volunteers undergo background checks?
    All Children & Youth Volunteers undergo a Michigan State background check equivalent to those used by Public Schools. We also require all Volunteers to fill out an application including personal references that is approved by our Christian Education Committee before serving.
  4. What Sunday Programming do you have for children?
    Preschool Chapel (3-5 yrs.) – 9:30 am - Noon
    Primary Chapel (K-3) – 10:00 – 10:45 am
    Sunday School (K-6th Grade) – 10:45 am – Noon
  5. What are the security procedures?
    All Parents receive a set of check in tags at the Nursery Check-in. They must return their tag to receive their child(ren).

    AWANA Clubbers are check in at drop off and require a parent/gaurdian to sign them out at the close of the night.

  1. Can I stay in the class room with my child?
    Parents are allowed to observe our Nurseries or Children’s Classrooms at the beginning of class, but only approved Ministry Volunteers may stay.
  2. What do I do while my kids are in Sunday School?
    We have Sunday School Classes for Adults during that hour. See our Adult Ministries page for further descriptions of available classes.
  3. What time does the worship service start? At what age do kids come to the worship service?
    Our Worship Service begins at 9:30 am. Students above 5 yrs. old sit in our Morning Service. Kindergarten – Third Grade are dismissed right before the sermon while Students fourth Grade and older remain for the entire service.
  4. What should my child wear?
    Kids are free to wear whatever clothing you deem acceptable. We do have a Game Time and Free Play activities for all students PreK – 6th Grade so clothes and shoes that allow movement are wise.
  5. Will my child need a Bible?
    We encourage all Students to bring their Bibles especially if they can read along. We do have Children's Bibles available in our pew racks.
  6. Where/how do I get my kids where they need to go?
    Nursery - Parents/Guardians deliver and sign-in.
    Baby Nursery at the end of the Narthex.
    Toddler Nursery in Main Hall.

    Preschool Chapel – Parents/Guardians deliver to entry door.
    Lower Room at Right from the Entryway Stairs.

    Primary Chapel – Students self-release during service to Teachers waiting.
    Upper Classroom off Family Center.

    Sunday School (K-6th) – Students self-release following service down the Entryway Stairs to Teachers Waiting.
    Lower Room at Left from Entryway Stairs.
  7. Is there a snack provided for my kids?
    Toddler Nursery Students receive Plain Cheerios or Goldfish during the Sunday School Hour.

    Preschool Chapel Students receive a snack during their time provided by rotating Parents.

    Elementary Students are free to get a cookie with their Parent/Guardian during our Fellowship time between the Morning Service and Sunday School hour.

    ***We are Peanut Restricted throughout the building! ***
  8. What do they do in Sunday School?
    Students hear Bible Stories, Participate in Play Activity Centers/Games, Sing Christian Songs, and create simple Crafts.
  9. Are there any “extra-curricular” activities for kids? (i.e. Kids’ choir; AWANA, VBS, etc.)
    We provide AWANA Sept - Apr, Vacation Bible School in June or July, and Camp Merit Sept - June. Preschool students recite a short Bible verse/poem and sing a song at Christmas, Easter, and Spring Promotion. Elementary students perform a Christmas Program, Easter Skit, and occasional Specials for the church service.
  10. Do you have a program for children with special needs?
    We do our best to meet the needs of Students with special needs who participate in our Children’s Ministry Programs, however we do not have a designated program or staff specifically assigned to that end. We are more than willing to work with parents so that every Student can thrive with us! Contact our Children’s Ministry Director Danielle Vaughn to discuss any questions/concerns.
  11. Who Can Volunteer for Highland Hills Baptist Children & Student Ministries?
    All volunteers must have attended our church for a minimum of 6 months, undergone a Michigan State background check, and received approval of their Ministry Application by our Christian Education Committee. All Teachers & Directors must be members of Highland Hills Baptist Church. Please contact us for more information about volunteering.